Unable to access docker

When i click on Docker for Windows icon, i get a message saying “Access denied. You are not allowed to use docker. You must be in the “docker-users” group.”

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Computer Manager. Add your account to “docker-users” group. Log-out, then log-in. Try again.

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So… If I’m on a “managed workstation” without most user admin rights, I’m stuck? I cannot add the ‘docker-users’ group, much less add myself to that group.

Never mind. The trick on these managed workstations is to right click on the docker-users under Groups, go to Properties. Click on Add… and add your user account to that group.

(I was trying to find my user under the Users folder and my user ID wasn’t showing up (because … did I mention this? … it’s a managed workstation). :wink:

No. The Docker app already created the group. Demand that your admin does
this so you can do your job.