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Docker for Windows Containers when user log off on host machine

(Spyrefused) #1

Hi there!

I have some doubts about the strange behavior of docker containers when the user who executed them log off on the windows 10 host machine.

In short, the case is:

The active user runs docker-compose which consists of a linux container that has a port mapping XXXX:80. Everything works fine.

When the user logs out their session on the window 10 Host machine, the container automatically stops receiving http requests through the mapped port and does not reach the container.

The strange thing is that the container is always running (when the user logs in again this “Up” and for the time it indicates does not seem to have fallen at any time) but still does not allow any requests.

Has it happened to you? What could be the cause and above all… what is the solution?

Thank you, greetings.