Docker for Windows feedback

This is feedback listed as a bug report, which is odd, but just because the docker for Windows installation page redirected me here for feedback.

Expected behavior

  • Docker for Windows should reduce friction for the Windows developer

Actual behavior

  • Makes things harder, because (a) requires Windows 10. In my company we have all Windows 7 machines, which have hyper-V bits, but D4W does not run on that. (b) Hyper-V takes exclusive control of the VTX feature thus impeding running other VMMs side by side, like Virtualbox.


Bottom line is that unfortunately, given these restrictions, Docker for Windows is a non-starter for us. It is much simpler for a Windows XP through Windows 10 user to run Linux in virtualbox and then run docker native in the Linux VM. Even in the Windows 10 case, this has the benefit that now I can run VMWare and Virtualbox VMs side by side and containers.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Try to install docker for Windows on Windows 10.