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Docker for Windows much slower then Virtualized Ubuntu

(Maxiv) #1

Many years I have used for local development virtual machine on Ubuntu 14 under VMware. Files was mapped via WinNFS. I have decided to try Docker. First of all, I have installed Hyper-V (Windows 10 Pro 1803) and converted my old VM to Hyper-V. After that I have installed Docker for Windows and run on it one of my site, so I can compare speed in both versions.

I checked time to fist byte of one page in WordPress admin. On VM it opened in 7 seconds, on Docker 13 seconds. The version of php the same, I have tried give more memory for Docker, move it to SSD, move mounted files to SSD - there are no difference. Only disable Windows Defender give 2 second faster, but Docker is still slower than VM.

My question in it’s normal or I can improve speed any way? How to detect in what part I lose performance, on file mounting or MySQL, or PHP?

(Mano Marks) #2

Can you file an issue (go to the Docker for Windows menu and select Diagnose and Feedback). That will help engineers diagnose the issue.

(Maxiv) #3

I have uploaded diagnose data: 075F871D-9311-4C68-B456-09AF782FEFD6/20181109072708