Docker for Windows on vSphere Guest (ESXi)

Would probably be the same for any VMWARE production such as Workstation.

Need to find out if this is possible. I do have Intel VT-x/AMDV for instruction set virtualization and software for MMU virtualization set in VM Properties | CPU/MMU Virtualization.

Is something else needed to get the Hyper-V VM to start or is this just physically not possible?

If needing to go to the extent of modifying hosts, for me this probably won’t be possible - might be a better solution which may not required host access/changes. Wouldn’t mind if someone could try this out and report back. Unfortunately none of my vsphere clients are working to download files from a datastore :frowning:

FWIW I run windows 10 pro in a Fusion VM on a MAC and use Docker for Windows in the Windows VM without any issues. We also run Docker for Mac on a Mac OS X VM on ESXi

I have been able to get Docker for Windows beta running on vsphere 6.0. I created a windows 10 vm using virtual hardware version 11. I am able to install Docker, get the hyper-v vm running, and the docker daemon started.

I was originally running vsphere 5.5 and could not get the nesting to work. I did try out the solution and I still ran into errors getting the hyper-v vm to start. I did not try out I would be interested to see if that works. As all of my servers have been upgrade I do not have an easy way to test this out.

I hope this information helps out a little.