Unable to Start VM - Docker for Windows

Greetings to all the forum members,

I am a System admin, and stuck in despair on setting up Docker for Windows. However I have not been able to get this running.

We have HP blades running esxi 6.5. On them, we have virtualized a Windows 10 enterprise image with the following settings -
4 vcpu
16 GB ram
Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS "Enabled,
CPU/MMU Virtualization - Have tried all combinations - “Automatic”, Software CPU and MMU, Hardware CPU Software MMU and Hardware CPU and MMU.
Network Adaptor Type - E1000E (not vmxnet3)
The OS is all patched, with the latest version of Docker on the site.

But this does not look like a docker issue, but settings, which I am not able to figure out, i get this error, " Hyper-V - ‘Failed to start the virtual machine ‘test’ because one of the Hyper-V components is not running.’".

Any help on this would be really helpful and appreciated. Thanks.