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Docker for Windows: Stable and beta channels, and GitHub issue tracker

As of Beta 21 and the first major release, v1.12.0, Docker for Windows installers are available on two channels – stable and beta.

beta channel

New features and bug fixes will go out first in auto-updates to users on the beta channel. The beta app comes with the experimental version of Docker Engine, which is described in the Docker Experimental Features README on GitHub.

If you want the latest and greatest Docker experimental builds, use the beta channel.

If you are currently a beta user, your Docker for Windows install will remain on the beta channel, and be automatically updated with future beta releases. To switch to the stable release, simply download and run the stable installer.

stable channel

Updates to the stable channel are much less frequent and happen in sync with major and minor releases of the Docker Engine. Only features that are well-tested are added to the stable channel releases.

If you want fewer updates and can wait until new features and enhancements are tested, please use the stable channel.

Where to download stable and beta installers

You can now report and track issues on GitHub

To get help, or to report and track issues, you can now use our GitHub issue trackers:

We recommend reporting issues on the GitHub tracker, rather than Forums, which can serve as a supporting discussion venue.


I like docker for a some things but my main use is a system that uses random numbers and without the ability to feed from my true RNG via usb to the docker images, it’s limited usage to me. And to those who will suggest USB-over-IP, please loan me the $1000 for the hardware and I will. (sorry for the mini-rant)

i have issues with docker
i was unable to access internet to pull containers through docker
ERROR: network timed out
i was unable to configure proxy for docker
please help with this issue