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Download of Beta22?

(Afischer211) #1

In the release-notes I can find informations about the new Beta22 of Docker 4 Windows. But the download-button gives me the old version Beta21. Also my running instance of D4W shows me no updates. Where can I find the new beta-version?

(Michael Friis) #2

Sorry about that - we had an autoupdate bug and are trying to figure out a solution. We’ll know more next week.

(Afischer211) #3

Hello, are there any news with download of the newer beta-version?

(Daghb) #4

+1 to that - waiting eagerly to test the new symlink functionality

(Daghb) #5

Looks like beta 23 just popped into my docker inbox!

(Michael Friis) #6

Yes! We just released beta23, please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

(Daghb) #7

Thanks! I had a few issues when upgrading from beta 21 to beta 23, but that is reported (and fixed). Symlinks now seem to work perfectly!