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Docker gets into completely non-working state (even across restarts)

(Ross Boucher) #1

Expected behavior

Docker should work :slight_smile:

Actual behavior

All commands hang (docker ps; docker logs; etc.). Restarting the daemon has no effect. The only way to resolve is to completely restore to factory defaults.


(Diagnose won’t run, presumably because it hangs on a daemon command)

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Run this docker command:

docker run -d -v $(pwd)/data:/data boucher/mongo-local-replicaset

Give the processes some time to start up (about 30 seconds). Then kill the container.

  1. Run the same command again.

I usually attach with logs -f immediately after, but I don’t think its necessary. At this point all docker commands stop working for me.

The Dockerfile for this image is here:

Docker server in VM not responding - docker, docker-compose client comands hang
(Ross Boucher) #3

Seems to be related to something mongo 3 does (it works ok with mongo 3.2, which defaults to a new storage engine).