Docker + Guacamole on Win10 - no access to other PCs

Hello, hope someone can help me with my Guacamole connection problem.

I followed these instructions:

and I have to say everything runs quite promissing.

Guacamole is a kind of Webserver that is able to reroute and frontend RDP/VNC… over any browser by using HTTP(S).

I currently can login to the web GUI and I am only able to connect RDP on my server which is the Docker host. It seems that I can’t connect outside of the Docker Server to any LAN or Internet PC.
So the access from outside into the Docker Guac Server works fine but the "rerouting over RDP from the Docker Guac Server to the outside only works to my local Docker Host. As said. see no LAN and no Internet

The setup contains three different docker containers that were started as:
docker run --name guac-mysql -v D:/tmp/scripts:/tmp/scripts -v mysql_volume:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=‘password’ -d mysql:latest
docker run --name guacd -d guacamole/guacd
docker run --name guacamole --link guacd:guacd --link guac-mysql:mysql -e MYSQL_DATABASE=‘guacamole’ -e MYSQL_USER=‘guacamole’ -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=‘password’ -d -p 8080:8080 guacamole/guacamole

I am able to Login to Guacamole web frontend over port 8080.
I guess I have to open somehow RDP port 3389 to unleesh the access to the rest of the world?
I tried
docker run --name guacd -d -p 3389:3389 guacamole/guacd
docker run --name guacd -d --net=host guacamole/guacd
but no chance

Or do I somehow have to change the network virtualisation of Docker?
Any idea?

Firewall is disabled :wink: