Guacamole on Docker, can't SSH into Docker host

I installed Guacamole on Docker, using the maxwaldorf/guacamole image. I run the latest version of docker on a Debian 11 VM inside of Proxmox. I have Guacamole assigned a static IP address using a MACVLAN network. Everything works fine with one exception: I can’t SSH into the Debian server that hosts my docker images. I can SSH into other Debian and Ubuntu VMs with no issues. My Debian host has a static IP, and my Guacamole docker has a different (unique) static IP. When I try to SSH into the host I get a connection refused error in Guacamole. When I SSH into the host from my separate Windows machine, I have no issues. I am guessing there is a port 22 conflict somewhere between the VM and docker? Has anyone seen this or figured out how to resolve it?

Many people did. It is a kernel security restriction that prevents macvlan child interfaces to communicate with its parent interface. I used the forum search with “macvlan can’t communicate with host” and the first hit should provide the required insights.

Thanks. I have sort of given up on Guacamole as the copy paste function is just to wonky for my tastes, at least in SSH where I would use it most of the time. I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble