Docker hello-world examples

The original Docker Hello-World example I can pull and run on Kubuntu. All the others I can’t seem to get to them to work and they lack any documentation. I can pull and run them. Has anyone tried these? If so how did you get one of them to display results?


I tried all three above, I wasn’t able to get any of them to display results?



If i run:
docker run -t --rm -p 80:80 rancher/hello-world

I can access it just fine on port 80

On http://local host:8080 ?

No, “-p 80:80” means that i map port 80 on my host, to port 80 in the container.

So i can access it on http://localhost, if i wanted to use http://localhost:8080 my port mapping would be: “-p 8080:80”