Please this docker image does not an exposed port so how do i deploy it
please someone should help me out

The category “Docker Hub” is for topics related to Docker Hub itself, not images you find on it.

Help with what? What are you trying to do with an image that is 5 years old?

Imagea doesn’t need any “exposed” ports. If you know on which port the server is listening inside the container, you can forward ports. Normally the port number would be documented in the description of the image. If not, then that image is either someone’s test image or it is documented somewhere else and Docker Hub is not for searching for these images and run them manually but following an other doucmentation and as a result, pull the image from Docker Hub.

So the next step is searching on Google: “Rancher hello world image”
And the first result (for me) is this:

Rancher’s main purpose is to run Kubernetes, but you can also find an example for Docker.
The second result for me was Docker Hub and the third result is this page:

Now you can even build your up-to-date hello world image based on nginx

Thank you for the information am sorry i was to say I didn’t see the exposed port in the dockerfile is there a way i can get that?

You can use

docker image inspect IMAGENAME

to see the metadata, including the exposed ports, but it doesn’t mean that anything listens on that port and it is not required in an image,