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DOCKER_HOST variable value for Docker Hub CLOUD

At (hereinafter [CLOUD-URL]) I created an account and then a repository with a build where I’ve successfully done a few builds with container images stored up on this docker site. Now I’m trying to use the Docker client software via Powershell to connect and use the containers there so going forward we can use the official “cloud” offering of Docker instead of an on-premise solution. However I need to know what the DOCKER_HOST variable value needs to be for this. I’ve done a lot of searches on this today and yesterday and haven’t found anything. Some questions.

(1) Is [CLOUD-URL] meant to be accessible via CLI or API now? If not, when (if at all) will it be open to programmatically interfacing rather than just needing to login with a browser.

(2) Assuming its now open (or will be) - what is the value for the DOCKER_HOST variable?

P.S. Currently the only way I can see that I can access my repositories’ builds is through a web browser - for example I have a private repo named “alex1demo” at this URL when I login - [CLOUD-URL]/r/alexdegaston/alex1demo

The AUTHENTICATION documentation is wrong.

In order to be able to make requests to the Docker Cloud API, you should first obtain an ApiKey for your account. For this, log into Docker Cloud, click on the menu on the upper right corner of the screen, select Account info and then select API keys .

There is no “Account info” option that leads to an “API keys” section.