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Docker Hub Autobuild Unexpected failure

(Wei-Ting Kuo) #1

My dockerhub repo get status “Unexpected failure” when I trigger a build. Beside that, I can’t get any error logs. How can I solve this issue?

(Lovesb777) #2

I have the same problem.

(Christian Frech) #3

Same here. The build log says that the automated build was successful, yet I see an “Unexpected failure” as the status message.

(Ludek Vesely) #4

Same here. Log says “Successfully built 4bf59d91aaac” while status of build is “Unexpected failure”.

Edit: I just started a build manually again and now it is OK.

(Eroh92) #5

I have 3 builds in a row with the same problem. Successfully built, but unexpected failure.

(Lobrindze) #6

Almost a year later I am experiencing the same problem. Images build fine locally but fail in dockerhub automated build land.