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Docker Hub Deploy keys

(Quentin D.) #1

Hi !

I would like to set an Automated build repo, but with a private repo cloned inside the Dockerfile. I thought I could go with the Deploy Keys but I didn’t manage to find them on the Automated Build settings (The link mentionned in the Documentation page is not present on my repo page).

How can I get the Deploy Keys ? Or should I do this in another way ?


(Nikolay Gorylenko) #3

i had the same problem.

i suppose that this issue was because i authorized “docker hub” to my GitHub account prior to creating private repository.

So, i went to GitHub settings, revoke grant to Docker Hub.
Then went to docker hub settings and linked my github account again.

Then i removed my docker hub repository and created it again.

Only after those steps i was able to see “deploy keys” on both github and docker hub.