Docker hub is v1?

I know that docker registry has v1 and v2
The address of docker hub is
So docker hub is using v1 method?

I couldn’t find the issue on GitHub where I commented and someone shared why v1 still exists, but if I remember correctly, v1 is for the docker search command since the search feature is not implemented in v2.

What do you mean by

The docker hub is

i think i misunderstood the question
I know docker container manifest changed from v1 to v2

So I know that the address of the private registry is also

However, the address of confirmed by docker info is

I wonder if this is just an address name or is it because it continues to use the old address or is it related to container v1?

In the quote of my previous comment you mentioned the “address of Docker Hub”. Now that I know you meant the registry url in the output of docker info, I understand you.

That URL is not the URL of the registry. Docker Hub is not the only registry that you can use with the docker cli, so the docker info does not need to return that. The registry host and port is part of the image tag and the logic of using (docker hub) in case the tag doesn’t container the registry is built into the cli. The docker search command however works only with Docker Hub using the v1 API. The URL that you saw in the output is the URL of the API for docker search.

It is known to be confusing. See the issue on GitHub: where thajeztah explains why that API version still exists.

They should probably change the output of docker info and they will probably do that sometime.

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Your answer completely cleared my doubts. you are so amazing thank you very much