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Docker hub related doubts

(track) #1

Am totally new to docker can anyone suggest a third party tool for docker hub instead of working online.
We don’t have any access to internet and most of our clients do work in intranet.Kindly help me out.


(Joe) #2

Hi Priyankanair,

What you need is a “Private Registry” setup, I think.

Details are at:

Then again, you need internet access at least for the duration of downloading the “registry” image or the python packge called “docker-registry”.


(track) #3

hi joe
What is docker kitematic??can it be used for creating registry?is there any document for a layman?

(Joe) #4

Please visit:

for info on Kitematic.

Basically Kitematic is a GUI solution for Docker CLI. So you can use it to pull the “registry” image and run a container that will provide a private registry.