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Open source Registry


(Jhdulla) #1

Hi guys, I just wan to know if you have any suggestion in implementing on premise private registry. I have read about portus which is open source. Is it Ok to use that? There are any disadvantages and advantages in using it? Do you have any suggestion an open source on premise private registry.

(Agowa338) #2

I’m using GitLab for this. It has also the advantage of also having your source control deployed on premises.

(Bryce Ryan) #3

You could use Docker’s open source registry, which is posted on the Hub. For more info about “the Docker Registry 2.0 implementation for storing and distributing Docker images” you can visit the repository at


Run a local registry: Quick Version
$ docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart always --name registry registry:2
Now, use it from within Docker:

$ docker pull ubuntu
$ docker tag ubuntu localhost:5000/ubuntu
$ docker push localhost:5000/ubuntu

(Jhdulla) #4

I am using this right now but my problem is that it doesn’t have GUI. Can you suggest any thing that have GUI ? Like hub.docker has a good UI. Same like that

(Agowa338) #5

Without actually having tested all of them, there are the following UIs:
1. GitLab (ok, maybe overkill if you only want a registry with a gui)
2. hyper/docker-registry-web
3. Portus
4. Something from this list

(Jhdulla) #6

I am bit curious about the Gitlab that you are saying. Yes we use Gitlab for the repositories in our CI/CD but the images that the Jenkins will be build can be push in GitLab which will be accessed by the Kubernetes ? What we plan is this flow Gitlab=>Jenkins=>Docker private registry => Kubernetes. Thank you for the suggestion you have given me. I also want to know what are others used in there company in implementing a continuous implementation for there registry.

(Archimedes Trajano) #7

I use Sonatype Nexus since it has support for other things such as Java dependencies and also does proxying. It runs as a container but you need a POSIX capable file system for the volume data (i.e. SMB over Windows Share will not work).

Gives a GUI as well.

(Goffinf) #8

There are a lot of options in this space. Some are pure registry solutions and others where a Docker registry capability has been added to an existing asset management product such as Nexus (mentioned by @trajano), JFrog Artifactory and others. There are also products that provide a UI over the open source docker registry.

Perhaps the best place to start is what platform you are on (Cloud ?) and what kind of features you need. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel or struggling to implement a solution when there is already one that you can use out-of-the-box on your chosen infrastructure (often as an supported and integrated service). What kind of security authentication/authorisation integration do you need (LDAP, other), what backend storage options would you prefer (S3, NFS, …?), do you need to be able to support multiple separate registries and a process that allows you to promote images, do you want to be able to provide digital approval for images, do you want to perform image scanning of the registry and individual images at push and pull, … ?

If you can’t answer these or are just getting some experience, then just pick the easiest until you can.



(Jrsalazar) #9

+1 for Nexus. I was using Nexus up until last month. I was pretty happy with it. Now I am in a new gig and almost everything is in the cloud (we’re using Google’s Container Registry).

(Sysic) #10

how about nexus registry??