Docker hv-sock proxy (vsudd) is not reachable hell. HELP!

I have been spending weeks trying to figure this out hoping someone can finally help solve this. I am in a Windows 10 Pro platform and I using a Windows 10 VM via VMWare. I am trying to be able to use the “Switch to Linux Containers” from right clicking the whale icon in my tray and it will just not work no matter what with the error “Docker hv-sock proxy (vsudd) is not reachable”. I have been looking at the Hyper-V manager and the MobyLinuxVM just won’t start running and keeps shutting down. I tried everything so far:

  • Made sure the 1709 fall creator MS updates are all applied
  • Disabled the experimental features under the daemon
  • Reinstalled multiple times trying different settings
  • Enabled a few things via powershell like extending virtualization etc.

Everything and no dice and it seems many users are also having a similar issue. Can anyone tell me what I need to do or is it a complete waste of time based on where Docker is currently at with the providing this functionality to Windows users. Also wondering will this not work on Windows 10 and it needs to be Windows 2016 Server etc.

Any help to stop the madness would be much appreciated. I am trying to learn Docker through some courses on a Windows environment and some of the container images like Ruby for example are Linux platform. I will try my best to learn Linux in the meantime :).