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Docker image id '' is invalid after downgrade docker

(Mnhan32) #1

Hey there,
I have docker, version 1.9.1, working just fine on my CentOS7, kernel 3.10.0-229.20.1.el7, until I removed it and install 1.8.2 from CentOS repo. Docker service is loaded and active(running), however, if I tried to use any of my images form 1.9.1, I got message,** image ID ‘’ is invalid.**

Did I set something wrong when I downgrade my docker? or docker from centos repo just not compatible with docker from official release? I have no problem rebuild my images, but it just scares me that I could lose all my images while updating or downgrading docker engine.

Can someone tell me where did I do wrong? or is there a correct way to maintain my images?

The following are some info:

uname -r

docker --version
Docker version 1.8.2, build bb472f0/1.8.2

try to run any image

docker run -t -i ae03beca57f7 /bin/ash
Error response from daemon: image ID ‘’ is invalid

all images with my id stay, but can’t run
all base image I pulled are disappear

docker images
c66a8be8a8e9 49 minutes ago 5.973 MB
mnhan32/alpine-duckdns 1.4 ae03beca57f7 5 hours ago 3.515 MB
mnhan32/alpine-samba 2.0 be7c29222f26 33 hours ago 34.24 MB
mnhan32/alpine-samba 1.5 01c8b8a20be3 42 hours ago 34.23 MB
mnhan32/alpine-transmission 1.1 e65b34ac9e24 2 days ago 4.951 MB
mnhan32/alpine-transmission 1.0 54e4654fd4cc 2 days ago 4.951 MB latest 32653661039d 4 days ago 5.249 MB

(Davclark) #2

I have the same problem, which I arrived at due to the problems with firewalld and docker from This is yet another reason that Docker SHOULD NOT be using their packages as the default install for new users in their docs. The system simply doesn’t work. That said, I’d love to see some help from docker folks on how to use CentOS reasonably for someone who lacks the expertise of knowing everything there is to know about this ecosystem.