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Image ID is invalid

(Ctammes) #1

I tried to remove images and they all returned with this error message: “Error response from daemon: Error while getting parent image: image ID ‘27cf784147099545’ is invalid”.

I can see that the ID is not of the correct length, so it must be invalid. But how can I remove the image anyway? I cannot find the ID in the images, not as ID, nor as parent_id. How do I know which image/container references this Id?

I restarted the docker daemon, but no success.

However, I can find this ID in /var/lib/docker:

(Cmcgeorge) #2

Hi, ctammes. Are you using “docker rm” or “docker rmi”?

(Tompson) #3

this is the ID of the base image which was deprecated and removed - see

I have the problem that on my machine there are many other images based on this image and I can not remove them