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Docker image with IIS 64

Please help me to create a docker file which help to create a docker image with IIS having 64 enabled

Enable Remote Management in the Docker Image
The first step to enable remote management is to install the Web-Mgmt-Service and configure it to automatically start when the container starts. Additionally, an admin user needs to be added to the container to allow the Remote IIS Manager UI to remotely connect and manage IIS

FROM microsoft/iis

SHELL [ “powershell” ]

#setup Remote IIS management

RUN Install-WindowsFeature Web-Mgmt-Service; \

New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\software\microsoft\WebManagement\Server -Name EnableRemoteManagement -Value 1 -Force; \

Set-Service -Name wmsvc -StartupType automatic;

#Add user for Remote IIS Manager Login

RUN net user iisadmin Password~1234 /ADD; \

net localgroup administrators iisadmin /add;

Step 1: Create an image using the above Dockerfile
docker build -t iisremote .


Figure : Build Image Sample Output

Step 2: Start the container
docker run --name remoteiis -d iisremote

Step 3: Display the IP Address of the running container
docker inspect --format ‘{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.nat.IPAddress }}’ remoteiis

Connect to IIS running in the container
Finally, start IIS Manager then right click on Start Page and click Connect to Server


If you do not have a “Start Page” or “Connect to Server” then install the IIS Remote Manager Plugin located here IIS Manager for Remote Administration 1.2 : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

Enter the IP Address from Step 3 above

Next, enter the Remote IIS Manager Login from the Docker file in Step 1 above. The default is iisadmin/Password~1234

If you get a certificate warning, click Connect

On the next dialog, keep the default connection name and press the Finish button. You can now use IIS Manager to remotely configure IIS running in a container.

Thanks let me try this and let you know the status