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Docker images on NFS mount

Hello All,

I want to share docker images to multiple hosts using an NFS share, wherein all the servers will share the same docker image.
I am using Docker-CE:

  • Is there any possible way we can do it ?
  • Also, is it recommended to use NFS to share docker images for all hosts ?

Thanks in advance

Is it feasable?
yes! Though, be prepared that if you re-use tags, things will be messy.

Is it recommended?
Definitly not! Why miss out the advantage of a private repository?

If you want a simple approach and don’t care for authentification/authorzation: registry:2
If you need authentification/autorization: Gitlab, Nexus3, Artefactory or Portus (

All of them are more ore less easy to setup open source solutions.
In case you need support: the first three offer commercial subscriptions. Not sure if Portus does as well.