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Docker images vs docker images in a machine


(Pdavis68) #1

I’m sure someone has asked this before, but I can’t find anything and I’m not even sure how to search for it.

I only have one docker machine listed when I run docker-machine ls

When I open a command prompt and run docker images, it gives me a bunch of images that I’ve installed.

But if I set my environment variables to point to the docker machine I created, and then run docker images, I get a complete different list of images.

Can someone explain what’s going on? I’ve clearly missed something. Is there some global repository and then machine specific ones?

I’ve apparently missed something.

(Grexwildahunden) #2

The getting started pages has some good information on docker-machine. The link is to step #4 which starts machines with docker-machine. Perhaps it can help.

(Richardgavel) #3

You’re probably talking to 2 different docker daemons. One running on your local machine and one running on the Linux VM created my docker-machine.