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Images from docker-machine <default> were not migrated

(Rick Peters) #1

Expected behavior

The installation offers to migrate images from my exasting docker-machine with name . Iexpected this to work.

Actual behavior

After installation and using Docker form mac, the command docker images shows no images. Nothing was migrated.


OS X: version 10.11.3 (build: 15D21) version v1.10.3-beta5
Running diagnostic tests:
[OK] docker-cli
[OK] Moby booted
[OK] driver.amd64-linux
[OK] vmnetd
[OK] lofs
[OK] osxfs
[OK] db
[OK] slirp
[OK] menubar
[OK] environment
[OK] Docker
[OK] VT-x
Docker logs are being collected into /tmp/20160401-150313.tar.gz.
Your unique id in bugsnag is: 5493AAF3-94DB-4093-84EF-3CF757B5B3A5
Please quote this in all correspondence.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. install Docker for Mac with existing Docker Machine named default
  2. try docker images

(Rick Peters) #2

Could this possibly be because the default virtualbox machine was not running during installation?
If so, is it possible to completely remove and reinstall docker for mac. I tried removing but after reinstallation I was not asked about migration, so I think not everything was removed.

(Dcurrie) #3

After a minute or so ‘migration’ I also ended up with none of the images from my default VM being copied across. I’m not sure whether it’s pertinent but when I then switched back to docker-machine I had an API version mismatch (the CLI now being newer).

(Frenchben) #4

@rickpeters out of curiosity how many images/containers did you have in the previous ‘default’ VM?

Also can you show the output of:
docker-machine inspect default

ps: please redact any private details from the above output

(Rick Peters) #5

Hi @frenchben,
this is my list:

REPOSITORY              TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
plpmkdocs_docsite       latest              59d30ae59ddf        7 days ago          349.1 MB
rickpeters/mkdocsbeta   latest              0813793681b3        7 days ago          766.1 MB
ruby                    latest              0f58cbcb8dce        4 weeks ago         725.4 MB
jess/hollywood          latest              5cc8eb51fc4f        11 weeks ago        339.8 MB
plp/apacheproxy         latest              d89b9993e427        12 weeks ago        251.5 MB
plp/vpnproxy            latest              2c489f353887        12 weeks ago        252.9 MB
rickpeters/mkdocsbeta   trusted             28774e999276        4 months ago        740.1 MB
weaveworks/scope        latest              10b76132bcf1        5 months ago        104 MB
rick/xl-deploy          5.1.0               6d8ec634ece8        6 months ago        958.8 MB
rick/xl-deploy          latest              6d8ec634ece8        6 months ago        958.8 MB
rickpeters/mkdocs       latest              2e0f70b64126        8 months ago        710.8 MB
plpmkdocs_plpdocs       latest              8d99b8047772        8 months ago        709.4 MB
docsite                 latest              6063ec34f29f        9 months ago        149.9 MB
nginx                   latest              647b6c5285a8        9 months ago        132.8 MB
rickpeters/alpine       latest              f001372a7d0b        9 months ago        5.25 MB
alpine                  <none>              f001372a7d0b        9 months ago        5.25 MB
weaveworks/scope        0.2.0               c20770e36557        10 months ago       25.99 MB
mkdocs                  latest              c0f6a646c57a        11 months ago       786.8 MB
neolandscape_db         latest              99f33d655f57        13 months ago       776.8 MB
debian                  latest              6847c45d7599        14 months ago       84.99 MB

so in all 20 images (did some cleanup before the migration :slight_smile: )


(Mattreyuk) #6

Hi @frenchben I have the same issue - my default images were not copied over. The output of my docker-machine inspect default is:

    "ConfigVersion": 3,
    "Driver": {
        "IPAddress": "",
        "MachineName": "default",
        "SSHUser": "docker",
        "SSHPort": 56478,
        "SSHKeyPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/machines/default/id_rsa",
        "StorePath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine",
        "SwarmMaster": false,
        "SwarmHost": "tcp://",
        "SwarmDiscovery": "",
        "VBoxManager": {},
        "HostInterfaces": {},
        "CPU": 4,
        "Memory": 2048,
        "DiskSize": 20000,
        "NatNicType": "82540EM",
        "Boot2DockerURL": "",
        "Boot2DockerImportVM": "boot2docker-vm",
        "HostDNSResolver": false,
        "HostOnlyCIDR": "",
        "HostOnlyNicType": "82540EM",
        "HostOnlyPromiscMode": "deny",
        "NoShare": false,
        "DNSProxy": false,
        "NoVTXCheck": false
    "DriverName": "virtualbox",
    "HostOptions": {
        "Driver": "",
        "Memory": 0,
        "Disk": 0,
        "EngineOptions": {
            "ArbitraryFlags": [],
            "Dns": null,
            "GraphDir": "",
            "Env": [],
            "Ipv6": false,
            "InsecureRegistry": [],
            "Labels": [],
            "LogLevel": "",
            "StorageDriver": "",
            "SelinuxEnabled": false,
            "TlsVerify": true,
            "RegistryMirror": [],
            "InstallURL": ""
        "SwarmOptions": {
            "IsSwarm": false,
            "Address": "",
            "Discovery": "",
            "Master": false,
            "Host": "tcp://",
            "Image": "swarm:latest",
            "Strategy": "spread",
            "Heartbeat": 0,
            "Overcommit": 0,
            "ArbitraryFlags": [],
            "Env": null,
            "IsExperimental": false
        "AuthOptions": {
            "CertDir": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/certs",
            "CaCertPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/certs/ca.pem",
            "CaPrivateKeyPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/certs/ca-key.pem",
            "CaCertRemotePath": "",
            "ServerCertPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/machines/default/server.pem",
            "ServerKeyPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/machines/default/server-key.pem",
            "ClientKeyPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/certs/key.pem",
            "ServerCertRemotePath": "",
            "ServerKeyRemotePath": "",
            "ClientCertPath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine/certs/cert.pem",
            "ServerCertSANs": null,
            "StorePath": "/Users/mattreynolds/.docker/machine"
    "Name": "default"

If I stop docker for mac, docker-machine start default and then docker-machine ssh default I can still see all my old images and stopped containers. I had a significantly larger number of images (~116). The migration process failed the first time as it ran out of disk space (so it was copying something somewhere!) but I cleaned up and it ran again without it reporting any issue.

(Lyndon Washington) #7

Is there a way to migrate images from a docker-machine that is not named “default”? Or, is there a way to rename a docker-machine?


(Chickenland) #8

I believe I have this same issue, but docker is showing the images in a list, just with no name or size :confused: apart from the one I just created to test with (top of the list)

Pandarus:~ douglasradburn$ docker images
REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE microsoft/dotnet latest 9c967557249a 6 weeks ago 827.8 MB <none> <none> ff081e371712 3 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 986d44408e47 3 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 97d147412f03 3 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 621659baa472 3 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 619b2b3d0b10 3 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 347404132508 4 months ago 0 B <none> <none> fc74bcbbe59a 6 months ago 0 B <none> <none> 07dbe988eb59 12 months ago 0 B