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Docker install in user home


(Kovacs Akos) #1

I have access to Grid5000 and would like to use Docker containers on it. Tutorial says, that users should install the tools in the user home. And add the user home to Path environment parameter.
How can I install it without use of ap-get command? My user isn’t in sudoers group also.

This tutorial says, it should be possible somehow:

So users should install the two tools in the user home. And add the user home to path environment parameter.

(Nathan Le Claire) #2

If you don’t have superuser access you won’t be able to install, or use, Docker on that computer. Due to its low-level nature (accessing kernel features directly) Docker requires root.

You could potentially use docker-machine to set up a VM to run Docker, but that seems like it would be somewhat missing the point if your goal is to run docker commands across a big cluster.