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Docker is not work in new Macbook Pro of Apple M1

I use Docker everyday and i just buy a new Apple Macbook Pro . What’s surprised me is it always shows me fatal error when i launch Docker. So i notice Docker is still not support Apple M1. My concern is Docker team have a plan ? Or i should return the Macbook Pro to Apple for good ?

Yes, I am also keenly waiting to see if Docker will work and be optimised for the M1 chip.

We are developing a CRM With filemaker for the Mac which is a port of an ancient windows CRM which uses SQL. During development we are importing SQL data from Windows running on parallels.
Keenly waiting to see if an IMPORT from SQL in Docker on M1 will be any faster.
When parallels runs our Mac runs like an oven with fans at high-speed.
Now that we are using Docker we’ve been able to avoid parallels (Which incidentally now is so buggy with win 10)
I have an M1 fanless Mac Air now - and already seeing speed improvements in Final Cut and a resource hungry app re-compiled in XOJO with M1.

Do we have ANY information about when Docker for Mac will be able to run on M1 machines? I use Docker for a lot of things I’d just as soon run under Linux, including my local MySQL database, and I need Docker to continue. Any word?

Thank you! I got Docker working, but now I need a MySQL container for linux/arm64…

Perhaps make comments on

Yes, I ave Docker working on my Mac M1 Air.
Anyone know if its possible to get SQLSERVER working in Docker on the M1?
That is where we are stuck.