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Docker Kernal Panic / Crashing on M1

I installed Docker Desktop on my new Macbook Pro M1. I switched from a 16" Intel Macbook Pro. I installed the latest version of Docker Desktop and when I try and launch a container on my Macbook, I get a kernel panic window and the stdout in the CLI is:

13:41:18-cachedrive@mac-183:~$ docker run \
>    -d \
>    -m 4g \
>    --cpus=2 \
>    --name=db1 \
>    -e PGDATA=/var/lib/postgresql/data \
>    -v db1:/var/lib/postgresql/data \
>    -p 5432:5432/tcp \
>    --restart=unless-stopped \
>    postgres
docker: Error response from daemon: Bad response from Docker engine.
ERRO[0017] error waiting for container: invalid character 'u' looking for beginning of value

Anyone know how I can get containers to run on my Macbook Pro? Not sure if this is due to my new M1 arm based CPU but imagine it does as it worked fine on my Intel Macbook Pro prior to switching.

How did you download it?

This link has 2 download buttons, one for intel, another for m1/arm, did you try the arm/apple-chip one?

I believe I selected the arm based / correct option but I will remove it and try again. Can’t hurt at this point…

This might help you. Support for M1 is relatively recent following a major brouhaha when it became clear that many devs had (or wanted) to invest in a Mac upgrade but then found that docker did not work).