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Docker is very slow - 'vmmem' is consuming all CPU

I have a dev setup running under windows with linux-based images for 1) my app server and 2) a postgres server.

While running docker recently after updating my Windows to the October update (1809), I am seeing that the response times for even simple queries have become abysmally slow (10 seconds instead of somewhere around 50ms).

I suspect it’s this Vmmem process which is causing the issue - it’s consuming as much as 60% CPU while consuming nothing else, and I noticed that the CPU usage only flares up whenever I start seeing the response times rising, so there might be a correlation.

This has made running docker under Windows a very painful experience. I tried searching for related issues, but didn’t find any relevant ones. Is there any fix for this which I can do to solve it?


@kumarharsh - I’m having the same issue. Did you find at least a temprorary solution?

I had the same issue. I’ve been able to fix it by increasing CPU, Memory and Swap.

You can change these settings under:
Settings > Advanced


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I don’t have this option.

The other screens don’t have the option you’re showing either.

I don’t use Kubernetes.

So… now what’s the solution?

I don’t know what these apps are doing.

My computer is running slow. I have an i7 Windows 10 Pro with 16GB of RAM at 70% usage, and CPU is between 1 and 15% with Docker Desktop and Vmmem. I just used the install defaults and followed the tutorials.

I’m currently running the example-voting-app tutorial. I just ran the build command and came back from shopping.

I can’t fathom why these are constantly using CPU.

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@dockitdave To see this option, you have to run Docker vm in Linux mode, in Windows mode it is unavailable