Docker Isolation for Embedded Software

Hi all,

I am a student doing a project about embedded systems. When I was doing my literature review, I encountered, in a theoretical way, the possibilities provided by Docker about using the isolation mechanisms of the Linux kernel. However, I am totally new to Docker and, more generally, to container solutions. I have only read academic papers about the features of containers.

I would like to only use the operational abilities of Docker to run different binaries in different containers. I have understood that Docker is aimed to help developers in the Devops and security concerns have only recently gained importance. However, I would like to study the possibilities of Docker in the case of embedded systems. I have encountered articles dealing with the implementation of more than 2,500 containers on a Raspberry Pi. However, it dealt with web servers. I would like to work on the execution of simple binaries (compiled from C/C++ code) without relying on huge libraries or images (size and performance matter in embedded devices).

Therefore, since I am totally new with the practical aspect of Docker, I have thought that asking its huge community (after having checked the Forum for similar posts) could be a good way to start. Then, I would like to know what do you think about this approach. Is it possible to use Docker in this way? How can I minimize the size of my image? Are there people who have already worked on this topic? Thank you.