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Docker issues with latest cisco anyconnect on VPN

We are currently experiencing a problem with docker and cisco anyconnect on VPN. All worked until our company sent the latest cisco anyconnect VPN update to our workstations. After that, docker started aborting. After much trial and error and research we discovered that 2 items in hyper-v were causing the issue. After this update there is a CISCO ANYCONNECT NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER FILTER DRIVER switch set in the properties of the Hyper-V switches. The vEthernet (Default Switch) and vEthernet (DockerNAT). When this CISCO ANYCONNECT is set in either hyper-v switch it causes docker to abort and not run. Since the DockerNAT one is created by docker when it starts up, its dynamic, so this is the issue. We were able to create a temporary workaround for the time being. Here are the steps.

    • Make sure Docker is completely STOPPED
    • Stop the CICSCO Anyconnect windows services
    • Start Docker
    • Edit the properties of the vEthernet (Default Switch) and the vEthernet (DockerNAT) and uncheck the box next to the CISCO ANYCONNECT NETWORK ACCESS MANAGER FILTER DRIVER and save/okay.
    • Start CISCO Anyconnect windows services
    • Reconnect to VPN.

After this docker works along with cisco anyconnect VPN until the next reboot of the computer. Basically docker also has a windows service. If that docker windows service is stopped and started, these steps need to happen again to get docker working along with cisco anyconnect

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