[OSX Docker App Beta] VPN Compatibility mode won't work with Cisco Anyconnect

I had a moment of hope when I saw the “VPN compatibility” tick box in the preferences, but Cisco Anyconnect is probably still a too hard one (it resets the OS routing table periodically all the time).

Any ideas on how to bypass this one?

I ran into the same problem today but got it working. From a fresh reboot (and disconnected from vpn), I ran pinata set native/port-forwarding true, and verified everything was ok with pinata diagnose. Then I started AnyConnect, vpn’d in and it worked great. With port forwarding set to true, you can access your container ports at localhost instead of docker.local.

Note that the first time I tried this, I was already connected to VPN when I tried to set port forwarding to true and thats when I ran into issues.


I just updated to the now public beta. What happened to pinata?
How do I work around anyconnect now?