Docker job on prometheus not showing container metrics; metric_addr=localhost:9345

Docker 17.06
Windows 10-Pro-64-bit-laptop
Hyper-V enabled; MobLinuxVM up and running; DockerNAT used by MobyLinuxVM

container metrics not enabled for prometheus db. Did setting according to docs, but no luck.

  1. daemon.json : metrics_addr added with localhost:9345; JSON validated. (as per docs)
  2. prometheus.yml : added target as “localhost:9345” (as per docs)

on starting prometheus at command prompt and checking “localhost:9090/targets” showed “docker” job, but accessing the metrics “localhost:9345/metrics” shows errors “connection refused” and status DOWN.

What and why container metrics are NOT sent to prometheus?

Do we have to change network adapter for MobyLinuxVM ?