Prometheus or other node/swarm monitoring for Docker for AWS

Investigating ways to monitor the swarm and nodes in Docker for AWS

Seems that Prometheus / Swarmprom is good, but this requires the use of metrics-addr which is not enabled by Docker for AWS.

Does anyone have any good monitoring solutions for Docker for AWS that can be launched into the swarm?

Still developing with Docker for AWS, so we managed to fill up a worker node storage with images, and deployments started failing. I know I can make the storage bigger, but we really need to start looking at monitoring solutions.

As part of your investigation, have you tried Elastic Stack and Metricbeat for monitoring nodes and system stats? I find the default dashboard in Kibana sufficient for my needs.

If you would like to experiment with such monitoring solution by quickly standing up Elastic Stack and Beats, you may take a look at my github repo. Instructions are provided there on how to start Metricbeat and Elastic Stack: