Docker Logs Not Generating Despite Correct Configuration On RHEL 7.9

Hello everyone,

We’re facing a peculiar issue where the docker logs command isn’t producing any logs for our containers. Initially, our Docker logging driver was set to journald. We switched it to json-file and restarted Docker to ensure the change took effect. Post-restart, we confirmed the update with docker info | grep 'Logging Driver', which showed the driver as json-file.

However, we’re still not seeing any logs in the container directories. Here are some specifics about our setup:

  • We’re running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9.
  • SELinux is installed and active.
  • Our /etc/docker/daemon.json is correctly set to use the json-file log driver, with the syntax as follows:
    "log-driver": "json-file",
    "log-opts": {
        "max-size": "1g",
        "max-file": "5"
  • We’ve ensured there’s adequate disk space.
  • The /etc/sysconfig/docker file doesn’t have any conflicting log entries under OPTIONS.

We have root access and have checked the usual culprits but to no avail. Has anyone encountered a similar issue or could offer any insights on what might be going wrong?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Is the docker logs <container> command giving you any log output?

Yes docker logs still shows output.

What’s the output of docker info?

What directories? docker inspect containername can give you the exact path of the log file.