JSON Logging Driver Compression Broken?

I’m trying to get the json logging driver to compress rotated files by including the compress key in log-opts of /etc/docker/daemon.json. The file looks like this:

  "log-driver": "json-file",
  "log-opts": {
    "max-size": "100m",
    "max-file": "10",
    "compress": "true"

After editing the file, I ran the following console commands and got the following outputs:

$: docker-compose down
# containers all go down without problems.
$: systemctl daemon-reload
$: systemctl restart docker
# Output:
# Job for docker.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
# See "systemctl status docker.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

The output of systemctl status docker.service is pretty unhelpful. It reports (breif version:)

docker.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

and journalctl -xe gives me:

-- Unit docker.service has failed
-- The result is RESULT.

If I remove the compress key-value pair from daemon.json, everything runs just fine. Given that the result code reporting above looks suspiciously broken, I’m willing to bet I’ve run across a bug.

Before I create an issue, I wanted to ping the community to see if anyone has had a similar experience and resolved it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am facing exactly the same issue.
Did you get any leads on this?

I ended up using the journald log driver instead. If you’re on linux it maybe a worthwhile option to look into since you get much greater control over rotation (time and size based) and compression.

OOooo I just noticed that the version of docker that I’m tied to using a bit old (18.03.1-ce) .@alankrita, which version are you experiencing it with?

I am using 17.12.1-ce. Not sure if this is not the issue in higher versions.
and yes, as an alternative i mounted the application logs instead of using the container logs.