"docker-machine ls" doesn't show MobyLinuxVM...is this correct?

Hi guys,

I’m starting with docker, and I’m using Docker Beta on Windows as my platform. I’m still a newbie on Docker, so I’m just following the tutorials and solving some problems as I go along.

Right now I have docker running, and most of the examples are working. Now, I see that docker has created an Hyper-V machine called MobyLinuxVM, which is running, and I can connect directly to it through Hyper-V console.

Now, my question is: is this virtual machine a docker machine ? If so, why can’t I see when I issue docker-machine ls ?
Is this an expected result or only machines that I explicitly create will be visible to docker-machine ?



This is by design - Docker for Windows works differently than docker-machine. With Docker for Windows installed, we recommend just using docker-machine for remote machine creation.

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