Beginner's questions about Docker Machine

Hello there :slight_smile: ,

I’m just beginning with Docker and I have some questions about Docker Machine.

When I try docker-machine ssh boot2docker I receive the following error:

Error: Cannot run SSH command: Host “boot2docker” is not running

And when I try to start the machine with docker-machine start boot2docker I receive this error:

Starting “boot2docker”…
exit status 1

So the question is simple, why? The VM (MobyLinuxVM) seems to be running on Hyper-V and I can run containers without issues, so why it tell me that the machine is not running?

Also, the docker-machine ps returns no info for the machine:

boot2docker - hyperv Unknown

So because of that, I created a new Docker Machine that I called “dev1” and I can connect with SSH to it, but now, how can I know on which VM (MobyLinuxVM or dev1 VM?) my containers are running?

Also, is it possible to set one of the two machines as the default one? And if I want to run containers sometimes in a specific machine and sometimes in another, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

Have a great day! :slight_smile: