Docker-machine to Azure using compose

Im using docker-machine create -d azure. Everything works as expected in terms of provisioning Docker on Azure Ubuntu host.

But, when I run my docker-compose local and it got the following error.

prometheus      | level=error ts=2018-02-12T13:29:08.730387276Z caller=main.go:579 err="Error loading config couldn't load configuration (--config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml): open /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml: no such file or directory"

Im using bind-mount for Prmetheus configureation as below:

      - ./prometheus:/etc/prometheus
      - prometheus_data:/prometheus

So, it appears that you cannot bind-mount remotely.

Please advise.

I think docker-compose expect file locally, below is the ref:

so, you have docker-machine scp.