Docker for Azure CE VM Mount Issues

So we have a Docker for Azure CE VM in Azure. We’ve pulled the eclipse-mosquitto package into docker. However when we try to run it we keep getting the following error message.

AzureVM-Docker-Production:/mosquitto/config$ docker run -it -p 1883:1883 -p 8883:8883 -p 9001:9001 --mount type=bind,source=/mosquitto,target=/mosquitto eclipse-mosquitto
Error: Unable to open config file /mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf

Error found at /mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf:32765.
Error: Unable to open configuration file.

In troubleshooting i’ve created an Ubuntu VM onprem and installed Docker CE and did all the same steps and it runs without issue. Anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on or why this isn’t working?