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Docker macvlan Issue w/Multiple Containers for the same app

’m new to Docker, currently running just a PLEX server and a Unifi Controller under Ubuntu 20.04…

I recently started to explore things like Greylog and LibreNMS and I’m running into an issue.

I set up PLEX and Unifi as macvlan hosts, mostly so I wouldn’t have to fuss with forwarding or specifying ports, and also because they are on two different dot1q VLANs.

The problem I am having is, Greylog and LibreNMS have several separate containers instead of just one. One for the database, one for memcache, one for syslog-nsg, etc, etc. It appears that if these are done in a non-macvlan environment, it would work rather seamlessly without requiring each container to have it’s own “real” IP. I can port scan each container’s IP for the appropriate app and it appears to respond, but they don’t seem to be able to communicate with each other.

My preference would be to run all of LibreNMS’ associated containers within the same macvlan host, but if that’s not possible, is there any way I can get around the limitation of docker not allowing containers to communicate directly with each other, or the docker host itself? Should I just ditch macvlan altogether?