Docker mounted volume permission issues

Hey all, I have been having permission issues with mounted volumes on my docker container and would like some help. I have tried the chown method, but even with all IDs being the same the bash script that is executed inside of the container has permission issues writing to the volume. I have made sure that the userID and groupID for both the file system (that is mounted as a volume to the container) and the container are the same.

Any help on this would be appreciated, fairly new docker user here.

IDs outside of the container, just on the file system:
[millebri@exahead1 lifted_over]$ id
uid=5507(millebri) gid=2069(ConradLab) groups=2069(ConradLab),2084(primeseqreader),3010(HPCUsers),3759(accessexacloud),3777(docker),3984(accessmonkeydo),5507(millebri)

Running the container (interactively this time):
sudo /opt/acc/sbin/exadocker run
–user “(id -u):(id -g)”
-v /home/groups/ConradLab:/ConradLab

IDs inside of the container:
I have no name!@b66ad0ea727d:/home/newuser$ id
uid=5507 gid=2069 groups=2069

Error message returned (line 22 is where I make a file and write it to the volume) line 22: EGAF00000498465_hg38liftover_snv_tmp.bed: Permission denied

What else does docker need to know that this is the correct UID and GID?!