Docker network issues behind proxy

I need some help to setup docker behind a proxy. The problem I face is that I do not have internet connection in my containers.

My environment: KVM machine with NAT netwerk ( 192.168.122.XX)

  • Proxy for HTTP/HTTPS traffic
  • Proxy server is in 172.17.XXX lan
  • Centos7
  • Docker version 1.13.1

I have configure my docker daemon with a service environment variable so that it support our proxy. It works for pulling images from the docker hub but unfortunately the containers doesn’t have internet connection.

Maybe its a network error because I had to change the bridge network ip range. Because every new bridge (created by docker compose automatic) got a IP range of 172.17.XXX the same as my proxy.

My daemon.json:

cat /etc/docker/daemon.json
  "debug": true,
  "fixed-cidr": "",
  "bip": "",
  "default-gateway": ""

does anybody know what goes wrong? or how to fix this issue?