Docker networking issue on Qnap


I know it’s not tech support for NAS but I have problem I think more specific to internals of docker than system it is running on (I may be wrong).

I can communicate with containers through exposed ports from outside the world and from within same docker-compose (same network). But I cannot communicate through exposed ports within different docker-comose (different switches). I tried via qnap ip adress ( via container ip address ( nothing works (connection freezes and timeout after few seconds). Can someone please help me. Steer me to the right direction. I have wasted whole night yesterday trying to figure it out looking at forums and I found nothing. This setup works perfectly on docker desktop (windows) - but for some reason it doesn’t work on qnap. I dont want containers to share the same network because I want to restrict communication only to exposed ports and dont want to create special network that all my dockers need to share.

I attached screen from qnap network & virtual switches. Red line don’t work - everything else (green, yellow, purple) does work.

Please help.