How to connect a Docker container to a local network

So i’ve googled a lot for the past 3 days but still cannot find a valid answer for my problem.

I’m running Docker on a Raspberry Pi 3 using Raspbian (jessie).
So far everything is great, did some containers etc, etc. Problem now is
to access the containers from other PCs on the same network. Can
someone explain how can I make containers to show under my router list
as an independent machine? Port Forwarding is useless because we are
using few ports and sometimes if we need to add some new function to it,
we must commit the container, delete the container, create a new
container under the image created and add the new ports to forward. I
googled a lot for a few days now, and this is driving me insane. I also
had to learn a lot about docker for the last 3.

Thank you.

System: Raspberry Pi3 | Raspbian (Jessie)

PS: If more info is needed i’ll be happy to give it under the comments, thank you