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Docker no containers running?

I have a weird problem.

I’m running docker, client and server both 20.10.7
, on a ubuntu server, 20.04.2 LTS, and have had docker running with multiple containers for a while.

I installed docker-compose and well broke my current docker somehow.

My current containers are still running, able to access plex on 192.168…/3400, however when i type ‘docker ps’, in the terminal i get no containers.

If i set up a container, e.g portainer, it is listed under docker ps, however I’m unable to access it @ 192.168…/9000. The webpage just says unable to connect.

I have removed docker-compose and yet unable to modify the containers in any way while they are accessible. The new containers i can modify, and are not accessible.

I don’t know how to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


‘docker ps -a’ now shows no containers running. Ive removed volumes, images and containers.

This has had no effect on my old containers, plex. They are still running and I’m able to access plex outside the network.


Final thing i want to try is restarting docker itself. Because if it restarts without the current containers that are running, well, it means setting them all up again and it’s something i want to avoid doing in the near future if at all possible.

Since you experience an impossible situation, I would bet my money on “parallel installations of a snap and apt package of docker”. The snap package is problematic and breaks docker’s behavior just to make the package allign with their packaging philosophy.

Well, you’d be right about that.

Apt install is listed under /home/docker and it has folders with all the containers that I normally use.

There’s a folder called snap with a docker folder at ~/snap/docker with 4 folder, 1125 , 796, community and current.

Now to remove the offending one?

As we both would have to google to answer that question, I will leave the part you.

You’ve done more than enough.

Thank you very much!


I’ve fixed it with some helpful info.

A snap version installed and was causing all the issues.

Wasn’t able to remove it via

snap remove docker command

and so I just disabled the whole thing via

systemctl stop snaps.service

Now when I type docker PS. All the containers pop up.

Again, thank you.

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