Strange behavior with docker ps

Hey all together,

I recently build a set of two containers with docker-compose and I’m using these containers for weeks now.
Today I planned to update the containers, but at this moment I realize that the containers are not listed under “docker ps”.
It looks like that:

under docker ps -a they are shown as “created”.

After I reboot the whole machine the container are shown for about 10 seconds.
Then they dissapear, but the services are running fine, also the docker processes are running in the background.

Can someone explain me this beavior?

OS Version/build
Ubuntu 22.04

App version
Docker version 20.10.12, build 20.10.12-0ubuntu2~20.04.1

Steps to reproduce
I don’t have any reproduceable steps


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It looks like you did not install Docker from the recommended repository. Make sure you follow the documentation.

Do not install Docker as a snap package and I would not install Docker from the repository of Ubuntu where the name of the Docker package is

The documentation starts with the instruction to remove If you want to remove the snap package, you need to run

snap remove --purge docker

I hope I wrote it correctly. Check if you have Docker as snap package:

snap list | grep docker
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Hey, I think that was the trick.
After removing the snap package it works fine and I can see my containers.

Thank you very much!

Also your commands worked very well :slight_smile: