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Docker not able to process network requests

  • Issue type: bug
  • OS Version/build: Debian 9.7
  • App version: Docker version 19.03.2, build 6a30dfca03, swarm mode
  • Steps to reproduce:
    -> Set up debian
    -> Set up global container on swarm nginx-proxy with auto letsencrypt support
    -> Set up container for swarm node with apache httpd:2.4
    -> Make ab performance test, more than half packets lost.

Im not really sure that is local server problem or docker one.
The problem is thats if im installing NGINX and just receiving network requests from my apps, everything going fine. If i making NGINX container, requests hangs like that:

$ wget https://domain/api/update_info?test=5
–2019-09-09 09:56:47-- https://domain/api/update_info?test=5
Resolving domain (domain)… x.x.x.x
Connecting to domain (domain)|x.x.x.x|:443… Error: Operation timed out

Means couple of connections lost, on normal mode without docker all requests processed.
NOTE: not all connections losts, so it is look like some queue or something like that, connections hangs for 10-20 seconds and can be processed OR dropping by timeout. Or can hangs and never processed. Im trying with traefik reverse proxy, same problem.

Seems like global docker problem or server one, there is default debian install, im not really sure what is going on. Any ideas?