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Docker on hosts with macvtap interfaces


Base: Debian 9
Docker Packages: 18.06
Image: Nextcloud from Docker Hub

Hi everyone,

based on the default install on my netbook everything works as expected. I can connect to my Nextcloud images from every machine on my network.

The second install on my desktop uses macvtap interfaces because i have a KVM / Qemu/ libvirt configuration. On this machine everything works ONLY with the localhost interface.

If i try to connect to my desktop Nextcloud container from local desktop with http://localhost:8080 everything works. If i try to connect from another ip address no connection is possible and no error messages apperars - only a blank screen.

Looking with wireshark sniffer tell me that the container network interface recognise the network request but the internal nextcloud http daemon reject the connection with a http 500 error message. Say all and nothing …

Any hints for me?
Thanks in advance!



Works fine now,

it seems to me the was as mistake with the “older” nextcloud image and the configuration of the trusted_domains setting inside nextcloud.